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At the bottom of the ocean,
a deer hatches an egg in a
swallow’s nest.


In the heart of a fire,
a fish boils tea
in a spider’s web.


Who knows what is happening
in this house?


White clouds float westward.

The moon rises in the East.


Enlightenment Poem by Hyobong Sunim
Korea XX Century
Monday 6:45 - 9:30 pm

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Montaña Despierta (Awakened Mountain) was set in motion by a group of spiritual friends in the year of 2008. It is a place for practicing meditation inspired by the teachings of Zen Buddhism. It is also a space in which to open up to a profound and committed inter-religious dialogue. We consider this dialogue essential to transcend the kind of fundamentalism and fanaticism that constitute a threat of destruction (and are actually destroying) the possibility for peace and comprehension in the world.

"Suzuki Roshi's 'Beginner's Mind', a traditional phrase in Soto Zen, is fundamental to our practice. Every moment is the beginning. And every moment is the end. The advanced practice in Soto Zen is exactly the same as the beginning practice in Soto Zen. It's very simple: sit, pay attention, breathe and be present for what is there. That is what you learn on the first day and that is what you do on the last day of your life. If you do it all your life, it is the same practice. You probably feel different about it after a long time, but the practice itself is the same. The attitude is that every moment is a new awakening..."

~Zoketsu Norman Fischer